Chile’s President Brings up Constitutional Process at UNGA

Chile’s President Brings up Constitutional Process at UNGA

In his speech at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Boric referred to the constituent process carried out in Chile in recent years, which he said was «the way out to walk in the peaceful and democratic solution» to the crisis marked by the social outburst in 2019.

76% Of Chileans Favor New Constituent Process – Cadem Survey

Boric talked about the agreement reached between the main political forces that «allowed the elaboration of a route towards the drafting of a new Constitution, capable of laying the foundations of a new social contract that would allow a democratic response to the demands of the citizens.»

In this respect, the President recognized, although rejected in the referendum of September 4, «a democratic Constitution drafted with citizen participation, indigenous peoples and parity,» which emerged out of the 2019 social outburst.

On the people’s rejection of the proposal for the new Constitution, Boric said that «a government can never feel defeated when the people speak out; in democracy, the people’s word is sovereign and is the guide of any government.»

«Chile needs the world, and the world needs Chile»

A strong first speech from President Boric at #UNGA – he highlighted Chile’s political turmoil and shared challenges across the Americas, the global south and around the world – from climate change to inequality

— John Bartlett (@jwbartlett92)
September 20, 2022

«Chile, in the short term, will have a Constitution that satisfies us and makes us proud, written in democracy and with yearnings for justice and freedom,» said Boric. 

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