Colombia: Possible Multilateral Ceasefire in Coming Days-Petro

Colombia: Possible Multilateral Ceasefire in Coming Days-Petro

Today, in New York, on the occasion of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), Petro told the media that in a few days, a multilateral ceasefire would be proposed with all the armed groups that have expressed their intention to join the total peace.

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With this project, 22 structures have announced their interest in joining the «total peace» project to the government. In Petro’s presidential campaign, he asked illegal groups to stop taking up arms, while the government, in response, suspended armed actions and avoided fighting them. 

«It will involve all those who want a negotiation process with justice in Colombia to dismantle criminal organizations. We propose to them the cessation of hostilities, death, ceasefire,» Petro said. 

Twenty-two structures have announced their interest in joining the «total peace» project to the government. Danilo Rueda, Peace Commissioner of Petro’s government, has said that this move has come from guerrilla groups, drug traffickers and narco-paramilitaries. 

En la 77ª Asamblea General de la ONU, el presidente de Colombia Gustavo Petro tocó algunos puntos importantes durante su intervención: la deforestación de la Amazonía, la justicia climática y la seguridad alimentaria.

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September 22, 2022

At the 77th UN General Assembly, Colombian President Gustavo Petro touched on some important points during his speech: Amazon deforestation, climate justice and food security.

Since taking office on August 7, Petro has initiated a dialogue with several armed groups to reach a peace agreement or bring them to justice.

In this regard, the resumption of talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla in Havana stands out after a four-year hiatus. According to the President, having shared exploratory approaches so far, it is a matter of days before negotiations between the parties begin.

Also worth mentioning is last week’s «exploratory meeting» between a Colombian government delegation and a delegation of the «central general staff» of the former FARC dissidents to evaluate «the possibility of initiating dialogues in the framework of total peace.» 

The administrations of Nicolás Maduro and Gustavo Petro reestablished diplomatics relations between #Venezuela and #Colombia

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August 31, 2022

Following the signing of peace with the FARC in 2016 and the stalling of talks with the ELN in 2018, the proposed multilateral ceasefire would be the first significant action to end the conflict. 

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