Colombia-Venezuela Border Opening To Strengthen Both Nations

Colombia-Venezuela Border Opening To Strengthen Both Nations

In comments to Sputnik news agency, Ángel Rodríguez, president of the Energy and Petroleum Commission of the National Assembly, said the human being needs to be the epicenter of the new stage in the relations of both countries.

Venezuela Regains Control of Monomeros Company in Colombia

On September 26, commercial activities, crossings, and cargo flow through the Colombian-Venezuelan border are expected to resume.

According to the Venezuelan deputy, «from the political point of view, from the social point of view, from the economic point of view, from the point of view of the quality of life of Venezuelans and Colombians,» such opening «will bear very important fruits due to the potentialities that arise from that border.» 

Rodriguez also said, «Today, with the Petro Government and the Maduro Government, it is feasible to go beyond the economic relationship and put in that relationship, in that new openness the human being as the epicenter in this whole process that can be generated in the Colombian-Venezuelan border.»

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Colombia y Venezuela cada vez más cerca de la reapertura de su frontera

Funcionarios de Bogotá y Caracas informaron el plan para reabrir la frontera que tiene más de 2.200 kilómetros en común.

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September 21, 2022

Colombia and Venezuela are closer to the reopening of their border. Officials from Bogotá and Caracas reported the plan to reopen the border that has more than 2,200 kilometers in common.

The mechanisms to formalize bilateral relations and diplomatic representations in both countries have been jointly addressed by Nicolás Maduro and Gustavo Petro since the latter assumed the presidency of Colombia. 

According to the Venezuelan President, commercial exchange between the two countries is expected to reach 2 billion dollars this year following the border opening.   

In 2019, Venezuela broke diplomatic relations with Colombia over an attempted invasion by the opposition led by politician Juan Guaidó trying to enter through the border with alleged humanitarian aid.

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