Lula Reaches 49 Percent 9 Days Before the Brazilian Elections

Lula Reaches 49 Percent 9 Days Before the Brazilian Elections

On Friday, Brazil’s Institute for Social, Political and Economic Research (IPESPE) published the results of its most recent voting intention poll, which was conducted from Sept. 19 to Sept. 21 with a sample of 2,000 field interviews nationwide.


Lula Grows Two Points and Extends His Lead Over Bolsonaro

It shows that the Workers’ Party candidate Lula da Silva has already reached 49 percent of citizen preferences and could easily exceed the 50 percent of valid votes needed to win the presidential elections in a single round.

In second place is the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro who has 38 percent of the voting intentions, followed by Ciro Gomes with 8 percent of the preferences.

The new figure reached by the Workers’ Party candidate implies a growth of 3 percentage points since the previous survey carried out by IPESPE. On that occasion, Lula appeared with 46 percent of the voting intentions and Bolsonaro with 35 percent.

Everything seems to indicate that voting intentions will concentrate on the leading candidate, since citizens favor the «useful vote» to prevent Bolsonaro’s re-election. And this trend is reflected in opinion leaders.

Brazil (Presidential Election by labor category), Datafolha poll:

Lula (PT, centre-left) leads in all categories of work except two: business owners and self-employed, groups where Bolsonaro (PL, right) does better.

Fieldwork: 20-22 Sept ’22
Sample size: 6,754 #Eleicoes2022

— America Elects (@AmericaElige)
September 23, 2022

On Friday, the famous writer and musical producer Nelson Motta published an open letter addressed to his old friend, the candidate Ciro Gomes, informing him that he will vote for Lula.

“I continue to believe that you are the most prepared of all the candidates due to your public experience, studies, government program, vocation, talent, and honesty,” Motta told Ciro.

“In Brazil, however, the scavengers of public funds ask for ethics in politics and the crackists and militiamen proclaim the end of corruption. Rodents talking about rats,» he added.

«The time has come to take out the team with dignity and help change the country’s path… Now is the time for national unity around Lula and to get rid of the unspeakable one forever,» Motta stressed.

Brazil: Lula da Silva describes his presidential campaign rival Jair Bolsonaro as a liar.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish)
September 19, 2022

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