Peruvian National Police Dismantles Migrant Smuggling Mafia

Peruvian National Police Dismantles Migrant Smuggling Mafia

The Peruvian National Police (PNP) reported dismantling a migrant smuggling mafia engaged in the forgery of passports destined for Europe and the U.S. 


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«They [those involved] recruited foreigners, they came to Peru and the organization gave them a Peruvian passport. With this, they could access the European space through the Schengen visa,» PNP general Carlos Cespedes told local television Canal N.  

The official said that the organization charged 8,000 euros ($8,409) for sending a person to Europe, while 11,000 euros ($11,563) were needed to reach the U.S. 

The operation, in which nine people involved in the mafia were captured, also entailed the inspection of 11 properties used for forging documents, Cespedes added. 

#AHORA: La Policía Nacional del Perú desarticuló una organización criminal internacional que se dedicaba al tráfico de migrantes a través de la falsificación de pasaportes

Se detuvo a un total de 9 personas e incautó gran cantidad de pasaportes falsos en Lima

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June 23, 2022

The National Police of Peru dismantled an international criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of migrants through falsifying passports. A total of 9 people were arrested and a large number of false passports were seized in Lima.  

 According to the general, the implication of National Superintendence of Migration workers in the organization has not yet been ruled out. 

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