The Protests Against Boluarte Won’t Cease, Peruvian Unions Say

The Protests Against Boluarte Won’t Cease, Peruvian Unions Say

On Sunday, Peru’s Workers in Civil Construction Federation (FTCCP) Secretary, Luis Villanueva, announced that mobilizations demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the celebration of immediate general elections will not cease.


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“Boluarte is deceiving our people. Therefore, we ask for her immediate resignation,” Villanueva stated, arguing that the President has sold herself to the Peruvian right since Prime Minister Alberto Otarola is the one who truly rules.

“The Congress should call elections as soon as possible,” the Secretary insisted, adding that the official who leads the transition must have acceptance in the citizenry to guarantee a peaceful and democratic process.

He also stressed that the FTCCP will continue to back the protests called by the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) and welcomed 120 community members from the Angaraes province, 100 university students from the Puno department, and 1,000 people from Andahuaylas city will join these initiatives.

���� Peru: Police invade San Marcos University with armored vehicles and are making a large number of arbitrarily arrests of indigenous campesinos and students who’ve been participating in mobilizations against the Dina Boluarte regime.

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January 21, 2023

In other remarks, Villanueva condemned the Boluarte administration’s violence against protesters. So far, 772 citizens participating in the demonstrations have been injured during clashes with the police. The Puno department has also registered 20 deaths of protesters, 17 of whom died in a single day.

Puno department Bishop Monsignor Ciro Quispe urged Boluarte and Congress President Jose Williams to “show concrete signs of detachment from power” and to convene negotiations with the new government to guarantee a lasting peace.

«Nothing justifies the murder of a Peruvian. The Justice system shall investigate and sanction Boluarte, who must, without doubt, end up in prison,» Villanueva insisted.

Mining workers march from Chala to Lima, demanding the restoration of constitutional order in Perú#Peru #PedroCastillo

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December 10, 2022

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